Because blue eyes are lesson common in the human population, many are fascinated by the look of them. One rumor you may hav heard about blue eyes is that they have “worse vision.” We are going to discuss if there is any validity to that statement and just exactly why blue eyes might be more sensitive to light.

Are blue eyes more sensitive to light?

Yes, blue eyes are more sensitive to light.

Why are they more sensitive?

Blue eyes are more sensitive to light because of their pigmentation, or actually, their lack thereof. Even though it is hard to believe when looking at a set of blur eyes, the eyeball actually does not contain a real blue color of pigment. Instead, the light reflects on the structure of the iris and gives us the colored look that we see. The top layer of blue iris actually contain zero pigment, and this makes them more sensitive to late because they have less of a protective barrier than brown, pigmented eyes.


Brown eyes contain pigmentation at the top layer of the iris that provides them with a small amount of protection against light sources. Blue eyes, in contrast, contain no pigment whatsoever and therefor do not have an equal protective barrier. If you are wondering about the safety of your own eyes, if you are ready to schedule an eye doctor appointment, or if you just simply have questions or concerns, give us a call today at Whitney Eye Care and we will get you, and your eyes, completely taken care of!