June 27th is National Sunglasses Day and the perfect opportunity to raise awareness on the health benefits of routinely wearing your shades. Though sunglasses are often regarded as a fashion statement only, the truth is that sunglasses are actually incredibly useful tools that can protect your eyes from an array of threats.

Sunglass Protection

UV Rays

The number one protective measure that sunglasses offer you and your eyes is protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Studies have shown that UV rays age the eye rapidly and chronic exposure to the harmful rays can heighten your chances of developing cataracts.


That’s right, sunglasses prevent you from squinting as often due to the bright lights and therefore decrease the stretching of your facial tissues and lessens the likelihood of you getting wrinkles in your squinting areas.


Sunglasses protect you from environmental factors like dirt, harsh winds, and other harmful particles. Adding a secondary protective layer over your delicate eyes is the perfect way to make sure they stay safe, healthy, and uninjured.


National Sunglasses Day is the perfect day to buy a new pair of sunglasses or for you to keep rocking a pair you already love! Wherever you get them from, make wearing your sunglasses a new habit and always, always protect your eyes!