Contacts are no less than a high-tech medical accessory that enables you to see things more closely and clearly than before. It makes your vision and life a lot easier, however, the following are a few tips that you should keep in mind while wearing contacts for the first time: 

Relax While Wearing Contacts

Many people have anxiety regarding whether they will be able to wear the contacts correctly or not, whether the contacts will automatically attach to their eyeballs or will slip down to the back of their eyelids.

As not many people know, our eyelids are attached to the back of the eye, which makes the contacts impossible to slip down anywhere behind the eyelids. Plus, it is safe to touch your eyelids and eyeballs, provided your hands are clean. Learning to wear contacts can take a couple of practices, but it can only be done once you are relaxed and calm.  

Keep Contact Lenses Clean

The cleanliness of your contacts can greatly impact your eyesight and the health of your eyes. Keep your lenses always clean, especially your doctor’s advice. If they have instructed you to wash your lenses daily or after every use, you must do it without any expectation. Don’t buy cheap cleaning solutions for your lenses; change your lens case every 3 months. 

Properly Dispose of Contact Lenses

To dispose of your contact lenses, follow the guidance of your government or local sanitation authorities. Do not dispose of your contacts down the drainage system. Also, carefully dispose of the packaging of your contact lenses in the wastage bins, classifying them separately so they can be handled responsibly. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice for Wearing Contacts

Following the doctor’s advice means using only the products that your doctor advises or prescribes. Do not choose products for your contacts based on your assumptions or details on the packaging labels. YourYour eyes are important, and you should only use the products specially recommended to you for your distinguished needs and requirements. Also, do not miss any appointments or regular check-ups with your doctor by prioritizing your eyes. 

Follow the Prescribed Schedule 

Follow the wearing and replacement schedule strictly, as prescribed by your doctor. Do not make your own rules and change your contacts when the doctor says to, without prolonging the life of your lenses for a week or even a day. 

Also, wear your contacts only for the prescribed duration by your doctor. Do not overuse your contacts, as they can affect your eyes and eyesight. You should also never sleep in your contacts unless it is specially prescribed. 


The tips above can help you wear your contacts for the first time. Just remember to go according to and follow your doctor’s advice and rules to optimize your eyesight and visual health. 

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