Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy When Wearing Makeup

Do you prefer dramatic eye looks over simple ones? Or are you all about natural makeup? In any case, eye makeup is important, whether you like natural or bold. While makeup products like eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara can make your eyes stand out, they can also cause harm to your vision.

If you use makeup on your eyes daily, you must be extra careful about maintaining your health. Although makeup products for eyes are generally safe, there is always a certain degree of risk when using any cosmetics near your eyes. 

Here are some simple tips for ensuring protection and maintaining eye health while wearing makeup. 

  1. Prevent Infection

It is important to be picky about makeup products near your eyes, as getting an eye infection is not too hard. Often, bacteria and fungi may grow in your cosmetic products. Using these products on your eye is likely to result in inflammation, irritation, itchiness, and puffiness. 

While the symptoms easily go away with time or with medication, infectious eye makeup products can also cause long-term damage. Eye infections can also cause permanent damage, such as vision loss. To minimize the risk of potential infections like conjunctivitis, remember to take precautionary measures.

Bacteria are more likely to thrive in liquid eyes makeup products like eyeliner and mascara. So, replace your liquid products every three months to prevent infections. 

  1. Be Wary of Allergic Reactions

Most reputable cosmetic companies ensure that their makeup formula is safe for the skin and eyes. Generally, eye makeup products do not contain any allergens. However, it is always a good idea to still be cautious. 

After all, different people are allergic to different ingredients. An ingredient that is safe for your friend can very well cause an allergic reaction in your eyes. So, always check the ingredients list before investing in cosmetic products. 

In case you see a name that is known to be allergic to some people, it is best to avoid the product. If you experience symptoms like burning, irritation, itchiness, or redness in the eyes, discontinue the use of products that may be causing it.

What else? Only use products that are specifically designed to be used around the eyes. Using a different product like lipstick or bronzer increases the risk of having an allergic reaction. 

  1. Be Careful While Applying Makeup

You might be using the safest eye products that there are. But does that completely protect your eye health? Not. Eyes are sensitive organs that are always prone to the risk of injury. It can be extremely hard to protect your eyes at all times. 

There may be times when you’ll accidentally hit yourself in the eye while applying makeup. Many people experience watering, redness, and pain, while some others also complain about itchiness for long hours. 

Furthermore, poking, scratching, and scraping your eyes when applying makeup can also lead to long-term damage like corneal abrasion and vision loss. So, avoid applying eyeliner or mascara in moving cars and be careful with the use of glitters. 

Bottom Line

Whether or not you have an eye infection, allergic reaction, or mechanical injury, seeing an eye specialist is important. This helps to maintain eye health and identify any risks promptly. Not to mention, it is especially important if you regularly use makeup on your eyes. 

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