What are eyelid twitches?

Eyelid twitches are a condition medically known as “myokymia.” Generally, the sensation is experienced in the upper or lower part of the eyelid and it twitches for a brief moment, sometimes in quick successions, before dispersing. Typically, eyelid twitches are not a cause for concern if the don’t happen too often and if they are due to an identifiable factor or reason.

What causes an eyelid to twitch?

There are several factors that can cause an eyelid to twitch. However, the most common are stress, fatigue, allergies, eye strain, dry eyes, caffeine, alcohol, or nutrient deficiencies.

What stops an eye from twitching?

Well, eyelid twitches are completely preventable as the root cause can be several different things. They are, though, treatable once the twitching has started. Some treatment and alleviation treatments are eye drops, less caffeine or alcohol, screen time breaks, and stress-relieving practices to ensure your mental health is healthy and doing well.


Eyelid twitches are not an immediate cause for concern. If an eyelid twitch is persisting for several days or if your eyelid twitch is accompanied by any kind of pain, call your eye doctor to schedule and exam. If you feel worried about the health of your eye, never hesitate to contact Whitney Eye Care so that we can address all of your concerns with you.