Contact lenses are convenient alternatives to average prescription glasses. If you don’t regularly wear contacts, it is likely that you do at least own a pair if you do require a prescription for seeing. Occasionally it’s nice to attend an upscale event without your glasses hiding your face at all, or even wearing them on a day to day basis, there are bound to be times that the occasion warrants wearing them even if sometimes they hurt. Here are contact lens discomfort tips that will help you wear contacts when you need to, whatever your chosen frequency is, without pain.

Tip 1

If your contacts burn every time that you were them or if they feel like they are hard to use, too stiff, or if you have any negative feeling about them, it is always a good idea to try a different kind. There are so many contact lens brands now out on the market that it is worth spending your time discovering the ones that maybe be just right for you.

Tip 2

Use eye drops or artificial tears. Much of the time when contact lenses are causing discomfort, the culprit is dryness. If the eyeball beneath the eyelid, the contact itself, or the eyeball and the eyelid become to try, wearing the contact can become incredibly uncomfortable. Avoid that by using drops and specific moisturizing drops when you can.

Tip 3

Regularly clean your contact lenses. Be sure to ask your doctor how often you should clean the contacts that you have and also ask how often you should be wearing them and throwing them out. It is important to never keep contact lenses longer than they are needed.


These tips will help you relieve discomfort from wearing contact lenses. If you find that even with these tips in practice you are still finding discomfort or pain with your contact lenses, be sure to contact your eye doctor right away.