One of the absolute most important, functioning parts of the face is the eye balls. The eyeballs, referred to as the window into the soul, are the focal point of every persons face. They are precisely what we use to view the entire world through and for these reasons, and more, we must protect our eyes at all costs. Here are 5 tips to keep your eyes healthy.

Tip 1

Wear sunglasses everyday. Even when it doesn’t seem like it indoors, harmful UV rays can still get to you and can still get to your eyes. Be sure to wear sunglasses as often as you can when going outside.

Tip 2

Eat a healthy diet. This step is the key to solving almost all health issues we face as a species. Food is medicine, therefore, eat like it!

Tip 3

Let your eyes rest. It can be useful to picture that your eyes are just like your legs, for example. If you were walking up and downstairs or carrying loads of items back and forth, then we would reasonably agree that your legs needed time to rest afterward. Well, our eyes are no different. After heavy screen use, after reading, and after watching TV, make sure your eyes get the rest that they need.

Tip 4

Schedule eye exams regularly. The eye doctor is one you should be scheduling to see at the very least once a year, but ideally once every 6 months. This number goes up, however, if you have sudden changes in vision or other eye emergency problems. In that case, call your eye doctor immediately for help.

Tip 5

Quit smoking. If you are smoking then you are actively harming your eyes. Not to mention your mouth and overall health, but your eyes alone are severely impacted by tobacco smoke in negative ways.