Tips for Caring for Your Eyes in Cold Weather

Did you know that without sight, your sense of motion and touch change? In addition, experiencing visual impairment or sight loss can cause serious changes in your sense of balance, motion, and touch. Therefore, you should always take care of your eyes whether you’re healthy or suffer from a visual disorder. Speaking of visual disorders, you should know that there are numerous visual conditions, disorders, impairments, and issues that can negatively affect your lifestyle.

As winter is here, it’s important that you take all necessary steps to ensure eye safety and protection at all times. When traveling in cold weather, the dry air can cause serious eye problems if you’re not careful about practicing preventative tips in cold weather.

Eye Care Tips for Cold Weather

  • Harmful Reflective UV Rays

You should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. While the sun feels hotter in the summer months, the reflective snow cause UV rays to bounce back into your eyes, which is twice as dangerous. Eye glasses are one of the best protective measures that you can take. Make sure that you bring your chosen pair of eyeglasses to your optometrist to ensure that they offer the right protection against harmful UV rays.

  • Dry Heat Contact

Dry heat from the sun in cold weather can be harmful to your eyes. Excessive contact with forced air and sun heat can dry out your eyes, which is detrimental to your vision. For this reason, you should use house humidifiers.

  • Excessive Tears in the Eyes

The cold weather can cause eyes to become dry, which could lead to excessive tear production. This can be a serious eye health issue as it can irritate your eyes significantly. Therefore, opt for the right type of medication with the help of your optometrist to care for your eyes and prevent further strain.

  • Contact Lenses Issue

Wearing contact lenses in the eyes can cause irritation due to the lack of moisture. The freezing temperatures and dry air drive away a heavy proportion of moisture present around us. With that, the presence of contact lenses over the eyes causes additional loss of water content. It could lead to irritation, which can be a serious issue if you were to scratch over your contact lenses. Try consulting with your optometrist to find a solution such as eye-friendly rewetting drops, etc.


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