What You Should Know as a New Contact Lens Wearer

Do you love taking care of yourself? In that case, you should know that caring for your eyes counts as self care. It’s common to experience a decline in your eye health and may opt for protective measures. For many of them, contact lenses are a sweet remedy that offers care and aesthetics at the same time. However, as a new contact lens wearer, it’s important that you implement a few precautions.

So, what should new contact lens wearers do to preserve eye health and prevent vision-related issues? 

For New Contact Lens Wearers: Important Tips to Remember

Contact lens wearer, there’s a list of precautions that help in avoiding any complexities or discrepancies for eye healthcare. However, not conforming to these precautions and tips can cause serious implications and may even affect your vision.

  1. Firstly, Relax!

If you feel like your eye is itchy, relax! Don’t worry about scratching your eye out. The simplest way to avoid complexities here is to stop thinking about when you might accidently scratch and start thinking about what you can do when you need to scratch.

  1. Avoid Making Your Own Rules and Schedules

It’s vital that we revise this basic guideline even though your optometrist may have guided you on it already. Stick with the schedule that your optometrist has prescribed you for wearing contact lenses. Otherwise, it will take too long for refractive errors to correct, or cause severe eye health implications.

  1. Don’t Switch Lens Solution

Don’t do this at any cost unless your physician or eye doctor certifies you to do so! This is because most of the time, lenses only stay health and sterile when you use the right solution. Exposure to the wrong types of chemicals in different solutions can distort the lenses. This can affect both, your vision and your eye health.

  1. Conform to Cleaning Lenses

There’s no reason to put harmful and contaminated contact lenses in your eyes, right? Well, if you don’t clean your contact lenses or think that it’s okay to submerge your lenses in day-old solution, you’re wrong. Your optometrist will provide a detailed schedule and number of tips to help you clean your lenses effectively.


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