There is a large spectrum of people who respond to health concerns. One side may say, “let’s wait and see” while the other said says, “take me to the doctor now!” Regardless of where you on that spectrum, it is always important to know what some actual warning signs are that way you have a better gauge of when you may be over or under-panicking. When it comes to your eyes, some symptoms can be kind of hard to explain and to pinpoint. Here we are going to discuss the eye symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

See Your Eye Doctor When:

Eye Pain: No amount of eye pain is healthy in a normal eye. However, sometimes a small particle may cause pain and then may naturally be removed from the eye with no further conflict. So, when you should you see a doctor for eye pain? Well, if the eye pain is accompanied by vision loss or changes as well as pain, or if your eye pain feels like a stabbing or throbbing sensation, then it is time to see your eye doctor as soon as you can.

Swelling: If ever your eye is swelling as well as turning red, see an eye doctor right away. Though occasional redness is common, swelling of the eyes should always be evaluated by a medical professional.

Double Vision: If you are beginning to experience double vision (when a singular object is doubled in your sight) then you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as you can to rule out serious threats like stroke.


If ever you feel uncomfortable or worried about your eyes, never hesitate to contact your eye doctor and get a professional’s opinion. Your eyes are important and they deserve all of the care they can get.