Have you ever woken up to discover that your eyes are bloodshot?  If so, then you may have been shocked at the sight and maybe even worried. However, for the most part, red eyes are a harmless symptom. In some cases, however, it could be an indication of something more serious. Either way, we will go over what causes bloodshot eyes so that you can have a better understanding when seeing your eyes red again.

What causes bloodshot eyes?

Bloodshot eyes are often caused by dry eyes, irritated eyes from smoke, pollen, or perfume, or from lacking sleep. Red eyes can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, and from the amount of screen time you are forcing your eyes to look at.

Red eyes can be a symptom of some medical conditions like conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, and uveitis. Or, it can be caused by an injury such as a scratch.

If you’re concerned about having bloodshot eyes or you have had them for a long time period without a change, speak with your eye doctor right away to schedule an appointment.


Most often bloodshot eyes are a result of a mild mistreatment of the eye. Typically they will go away in time and there is not a reason to panic if your only symptom is a red eye. When it doubt, always choose to be safe by calling your eye doctor and by having them take a look.