If you are new to wearing contact lenses, or if you are an avid wearer, here are summer tips for wearing contact lenses and how you should use them while on vacation:

  • If you already suffer from dry eye syndrome or from occasional dry eyes, then you may already know how bad A/C can dry out your eyes and contact lenses. Don’t make yourself sweat, but do avoid sitting in a directly line of air conditioning units when you can.
  • Contacts only protect the portion of your eye that they directly cover, however that is still the majority of your entire eye. One option you have is purchasing contact lenses with UV protection.
  • Always wear sunglasses with UV protection, even when you are wearing contact lenses!
  • If you are a hat wearer, opting for a brimmed hat can offer shade to your sensitive eyes and keep directly sunlight and even dry breezes from irritating or harming them.
  • Always travel with eye drops. Especially when flying, the constant airflow on planes can lead to dry eyes, dry sinuses, and lots of discomfort. Go prepared with moisturizing drops on the ready.
  • Always, always remove your contacts before swimming.
  • Only use approved contact rinses on your contact lenses. Never use water, even if it’s tap because waters can carry bacterias that cause infection if placed inside of your eye.
  • If at any point in time your lenses are bothering you, remove them and let your eye readjust. Never force yourself to wear them if discomfort is present.

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