Because our kids can’t to talk to use for the beginning stages of their life, understanding and predicting their needs can certainly be a tricky thing to do. When it comes to your child’s eye sight, is it responsible of you to wonder how you should know if your child needs glasses. There are some sigs that your child may display if their vision is causing them issues and these are how you can spot them.

1. Does your child struggle with intense near vision activities?

This could be a sign that they are struggling to see the activity, particularly if it is reading.

2. Does your child have a hard time keeping their place while reading?

This sometimes can be avoided by using a ruler or book marker to underline the line that you are on as you read, however, it’s possible that your child is having trouble because their vision makes the lines hard to decipher.

3.  Does your child hold items intensely close to their face to read them?

4. Does your child squint often while looking at things?

5. Does your child tilt their head while watching TV or while sitting in class?

If any of these 5 questions have received a “yes” answer from you then it is plausible that your child may be having issues seeing. If that is the case, be sure to get them in to an eye doctor swiftly so that they can be examined and hopefully be on a new journey to happy, healthy eye sight! Contact Whitney Eye Care today to discuss getting your child set up for an appointment.