Tips for First-Time Contact Users

Switching to contact lenses after wearing traditional eyeglasses can be exciting. But if you’ve relied on eyeglasses for a long time, making the switch can seem a little daunting as well. Therefore, it is important to learn more about wearing, removing, and taking care of your contact lenses. For first-timers, wearing contact lenses can be intimidating. But, when you learn the best practice to properly care for your contact lenses, things will get comfortable and easy. Want to take care of your contact lenses? Then you should read the following tips.

  • Keep Calm

Many first-timers worry when inserting contact lens. They think too much about the myths that are proven wrong by experts. For instance, many contact users still believe that it will be stuck or lost in the eye. However, it is physically impossible. So, forget all the myths and relax.

  • Wash Your Hands

Before inserting your contacts, wash your hands thoroughly. This reduces the risks of infection and keeps the process hygienic. Also, avoid fragrance-heavy or oily soaps. These soaps contain chemicals harmful to your eyes. After washing your hands, dry off your hands with a clean cloth. Hygiene is super important when it comes to the eye and inserting something as delicate as contact lenses.  

  • Position Your Lens Properly

Ensure that you rightly insert the contact lens. Sometimes, people try to place the lens when it is inside-out. You need to avoid that mistake. Instead, place the lens on your finger and check if it forms a complete cup shape. But, if you notice that the contact is U-shaped but the edges flares out, you need to correct the position. 

  • Develop a Routine

Beginners also report that they forget which eye they placed the contact in. The best way to solve this problem is to create a routine. For instance, start by inserting the contact lens in your right eye first. This way, you will remember which of your eyes has a contact lens.

  • Don’t Touch Your Contacts with Fingernails

You might already know that fingernails contain havens of dirt and germs. So, if you don’t want to get an infected eye, avoid touching your contact with fingernails. Not to mention, sharp nails can rupture the lenses, increasing your expense. So cut or shorten your nails with a filer and touch the lens with your fingertip.

  • Replace as Indicated

Never wear the contact beyond intended time frames. For instance, many disposable contact lenses are adequate and fresh for 24-hours. So, after 24-hours, you need to dispose of them. Wearing them for longer can cause discomfort to the eyes as well as increase the risk of infection.

  • Use Right Cleaning Agent

Never wash your contact lenses with water. This can lead to an eye infection. Water contains numerous types of bacteria that will harm your eye. So, always use a fresh solution every time you rinse your lenses. You can collect a proper cleaning agent from your optometrist. Also, they will instruct the best method to clean your contact lenses.


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